Frequently asked questions

What is a Bot?

A bot refers to an automated script or process that attempts to manipulate data. Examples of such manipulation include spamming comment sections, tampering with polls or votings, winning sweepstakes, or scalping products.

How much web traffic comes from bots?

The percentage of web traffic attributed to bots can vary significantly, but it is estimated that approximately 40% of all traffic is generated by bots. When classified into good bots, such as crawlers, and bad bots, the latter constitute about 25%.

How does prevent bot traffic? utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning and crypto-challenges, to detect and deter bot traffic. The entire process is fully compliant with GDPR regulations and operates within the confines of European jurisdiction.

Why choose provides a reliable and extensively-tested product that integrates seamlessly into websites without compromising user experience. With, users can put an end to their search for traffic light solutions.

How do I protect my WordPress Site seamlessly integrates into any web-based form, poll, or like system. We also offer a fully-maintained, free WordPress plugin that supports a variety of WordPress form plugins, including ContactForm7 and NinjaForms. If your preferred plugin is not on the list, our chat support team is readily available to assist you.

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