Cookies and electronic identification data

What are cookies and electronic identification data?

A cookie is a sequence of characters and digits that are stored in the user’s browser browser under a specified name. With each loading process, the browser automatically sends, if not otherwise set by the user automatically sends all the information that may be necessary for the correct of the requested page. This includes IP address, various device information (such as UserAgent, operating system, browser, end device) as well as the name and content of all technically provided cookies and identifiers.

Some cookies are only readable for the currently accessed page (1st party cookies), other cookies can be read and stored independently of the currently visited page you are currently visiting (3rd party cookies). will do everything technically possible to prevent the use of 3rd party cookies only with the consent of the user. Cookies are automatically automatically a maximum lifetime. This maximum lifetime is renewed each time the cookie is used by the cookie initiator. The specific duration of the cookie is determined by the initiator of the cookie. the browser deletes the cookie without further action.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies help to improve the user experience on a website and to improve the user experience on a website and make it more user-friendly. Individual individual page settings or the user name are stored in cookies and automatically automatically taken into account or suggested when the page is called up again. suggested. Furthermore, cookies are used to statistically record the range (number) of statistically and to personalize page content (e.g. article recommendations). article recommendations) to personalize. Cookies are also used for (personalized) and measuring the success of advertising.

What is electronic identification data used for?

The processing of device information serves to adapt the page content to the user’s the respective end device of the user. This can be a version of the optimized version of the page for the end device or individualized page content.

For what purposes cookies and processing of electronic identification data used on

  • Essential
    • uses cookies and electronic identification data to ensure a correct and correct and secure presentation of the site. This includes the presentation of the site content, the defense against possible cyber attacks as well as the secure handling of the payment process. Any cookies from our payment processor ‘Stripe’ are only set on the payment processing page. payment processing page.
  • Advertising
    • does not set or process advertising cookies.
  • Web analytics
    • uses web analytics software to measure the performance of the website and individual articles. This data is used for internal success measurement and help to improve our product. uses web analytics only with the consent of the user in our privacy settings.

The revocation of consent to processing is possible at any time via our privacy settings is possible. Already stored cookies can be be deleted at any time in the browser under ‘Settings’.